“The instructors are of the highest caliber with a wealth of talent and experience. They provide expert attention to musicianship, dramatic context, language, and technical detail. I will definitely be applying for a third time.”
- Susan L., soprano, San Francisco


“The Singer’s Gym fills a need that is met nowhere else in the Bay Area. It allows singers to explore, grow and try out new things in a supportive environment.”
- Amy R., mezzo soprano, Petaluma


“Participating in the Singer’s Gym has built my confidence and allowed me to really grow. Because of the consistent work with Ben and Kathy I feel more fulfilled as an artist and able to try things that I would not have dreamed of three years ago.”
– Robert H., bass, Oakland


“As a singer and teacher, I have spent years researching approaches and practices to conquering stage fright for performers and speakers. Dr. Ben Bernstein’s tools and practices are by far the most effective, creative and adaptive I have come across. For me and my students, his contribution has made a dramatic difference in our ability to express ourselves with confidence and ease. But these tools are not limited to the arena of performance; they are adaptable to almost any situation where we feel challenged, unfocused or powerless. They allow each person to discover and uncover their own way of feeling grounded, empowered and connected to that which allows them to express freely, joyfully, fearlessly.”
– Lillian P., soprano, Santa Rosa


“I took the Nerves Workshop because I had a paralyzing stage fright that made singing very difficult for me. The workshop has been an opportunity to explore my fears and put them in their proper perspective. With the tools Ben gives, the nervousness no longer debilitates me and it has allowed me to experience the joy of performing.”
-Ross J., tenor, San Francisco


“Lately, I have been attending several classes, all pertaining to music or improvisation or performance. I’ve been paying hundreds of dollars and devoting a lot of time, both in driving time and attendance, and mostly, I have been deeply disappointed in what these classes offered in terms of real, useable tools. I leave these classes feeling ripped off and frustrated. This is certainly not the case with the Singer’s Gym and with the Nerves class. I was telling my partner last night, “Finally, a class and teachers who really have something to offer, something I can use!” The Singer’s Gym is offering something extremely valuable and exceptional, especially in comparison to what’s available presently in our area, in terms of both content and support. Thank you so much.”
– Elizabeth R., mezzo soprano, Marin